Radio 6 Band

The RADIO 6 Band is a high energy Top 40 Pop/Rock coverband spanning 80’s music to what’s current on the charts. Vocals are provided by American Idol Semi-Finalist Camdon Scott & Kristen Shafer. RADIO 6 tends to play songs that are not typically replicated by most other area bands in the region. From Journey to Miranda Lambert, or even Tim McGraw to Lady Gaga, RADIO 6 Band keeps the party hoppin & the music doesn’t stop when the band breaks. DJ Bob Bass will be spinning his take on current dance pop/rap.

In the fall of 2012, the idea of the RADIO 6 Band was formed by accident with a conversation between lead vocalist Camdon Scott & harmonica/conga musician Rod Sickler. At that time Camdon Scott was ending a musical project in the St. Louis area and Rod Sickler looking for an outlet for his newly acquired harmonica playing skills. They decided to team up and put together a regional super group of musical talent combined with the skills of top local DJ Bob Bass. Through several months of trying out numerous musicians Camdon & Rod lucked into all the members now known as the RADIO 6 Band which include:

Lead Vocalist – Camdon Scott
Co-Lead Vocalist – Kristen Shaffer
Lead Guitar & Vox – Tommy G
Rythum Guitar – Jeremy Harper
Bass Guitar – Guido Esteves
Keyboards – David Hardy
Drums – Chris Logan
Live DJ – DJ Bob Bass